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    fire alarm wireless
    Fire Alarm (Wireless) ৳ 999


    • Photoelectric sensor
    • Battery(included) back-up
    • Large test and silence button
    • Silence function
    • Low power consumption
    • LED indication
    • Operating light
    • Low battery signal
    • low 85dB  alarm signal


    • Continuous to operate when house power fails
    • Easy to install with mounting hardware included alarm source indicator
    • Patent protection
    • Certified to TUV EN14604
    • Fast response to all fire types in a single alarm
  • -16%Limited
    kaipule smoke detector fire alarm01
    kaipule smoke detector fire alarm02
    Kaipule Smoke Detector/Fire Alarm ৳ 1,049

    This product is an photoelectric smoke detector. It is designed with low power consumption and high security. It can detect smoke in real time, emit light and sound to alert, allows you to take measures in time to tackle with the dangerous case.

  • -2%Limited
    smart gas leak detector01
    smart gas leak detector02
    Smart Gas Leak Detector ৳ 1,549

    This is a smart gas leak detector for your home/office. It provides extra safety regarding gas leaks as gas leaks are one of the most common reasons for house fires.

    To keep you colleagues/family safe, this gas leak detector can be installed near kitchen area (or anywhere else that has gas connections to it) to keep a check for 24/7.

    It has a high alarm sound that is almost equal to 90db. It is highly sensitive and has 360 degree detection. There is also an app for remote alarm and the detector can be guided by voice as well.

    It looks modern and aesthetic and gives your house/office extra protection against fire disasters!

  • -1%Limited
    xiaomi honeywell zigbee gas leak detector for natural pipeline gas01
    xiaomi honeywell zigbee gas leak detector for natural pipeline gas02
    Xiaomi Honeywell Zigbee Gas Leak Detector for Natural/Pipeline Gas ৳ 3,979

    Natural Gas Detector

    Color: White

    Response time: Less than 30 seconds

  • -1%Limited
    xiaomi honeywell zigbee smart fire alarm smoke detector
    Xiaomi Honeywell Zigbee Smart Fire Alarm Smoke Detector ৳ 2,979

    Xiaomi Honeywell Zigbee Smart Fire Alarm

    Smoke Detector

    Color: White

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