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  • Zero Cal Box 75 Sachets ৳ 200
    1 box

    Zerocal gives a rich taste to sweet beverages and desserts that does not become bitter afterwards, and its main ingredient, sucralose has no known side effects on health as tested in the last 20 years by over 100 scientific bodies and now has approval from apex regulatory bodies. For a single serving, the sachet is just made to order.

    Ingredients: Sucralose, Lactose, Colloidal silicon dioxide

  • Zerocal Sugar 100 Tablets ৳ 130
    1 set

    0 Calorie Tablets are kosher dairy certified by the Orthodox Union.

    This sweetener contains no added sugar and is suitable for individuals with diabetes. Replacing added sugar with zero-calorie sweeteners can help individuals with diabetes manage their health while enjoying sweetened food and beverages

    Zerocal on the go with travel-friendly EQUAL 0 Calorie Tablets.

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